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Thank you for your interest in applying for the JICUF Global Scholarship: U.S. Scholars Initiative. You must respond to all the questions completely and accurately.
This application form consists of six sections:

  1. Contact Information & Personal Background
  2. Educational Background
  3. Short Essay (400-500 words)
  4. Personal Statement (400-500 words)
  5. Recommendation Letters* (2)
  6. File Uploads**

* Recommenders will be able to submit their letters through the portal AFTER you submit your complete application. We ask that you notify your recommenders ahead of time. Recommenders are also able to submit their letters directly to us via mail or email. Please contact us at information@jicuf.org for more information how to submit your recommendation letters.

** SAT scores must include the essay portion. ACT scores must include the writing portion.
For information on eligibility criteria for the scholarship, be sure to visit www.jicuf.org/ussi.

Be sure to save your progress at the bottom of this page!